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around the world shonen on y!j 
2009.05.14@12:54 pm
ryota/taka/tomoya ][ saw wut u did thar
so, who wants around the world shounen?

it can be yours, if you are seriously hard core and have way more spare change than i do.

i've been keeping an eye out on y!j for the cd sold at the recent concerts (with no luck D:), and i ran across this today. thought i'd share in case there were any of you crazy enough to want to bid.

ONE OK ROCK 「Around ザ world 少年」★未開封★
or, in english: somone's selling a copy of the cd that's given to radio stations to play. it's got the full version of the song and a slightly shorter radio cut. as you know, it got pulled, therefore this is a pretty rare item now. bidding started at 4980Y (~$52 usd). with just under two days left, it's at 26500Y (~$277 usd).

i knew oor had a fairly small but extremey loyal fanbase. still. O_O
2009.05.14@08:21 pm (UTC)
*grabby hands* Waaanntttt....

But... waaay too expensive. I feel bad that it's getting leaked like this.. but at the same time, I'd really like to have it! xD; I'm such a selfish fan, sometimes, I guess.
2009.05.14@08:28 pm (UTC)
i get what you're saying. i mean, it's in no way supposed to be released but... the song is SO GOOD. *cries* i just kind of sat there and stared at it while absently computing my paycheck, rent, and car payment before i stopped and told myself NO YOU ARE NOT BUYING THIS.
2009.05.14@09:13 pm (UTC)
wow.... I didn't knew they're this famous..!! I mean, it's A LOOOT of money they're bidding with...! And I can understand at one point, but in another point...scary! I want the song too, so much that I almost sing myself how it may continue from the preview, but I can't afford this, too expensive.

But hey, do this mean that they won't release the song at all now that Alex won't be in the band??
I really hope not, it will be too hard for us fans to not be able to hear the whole song.
2009.05.14@11:00 pm (UTC)
it looked like there were only a couple bidders even though they'd each made a ton of bids. yeah. crazy fans. :o

it seems stupid to not release it, but who know what they'll decide to do. i just hope someone that gets their hands on a copy will rip the whole thing.
2009.05.19@12:06 pm (UTC)
haha, I hope that too xD
2009.05.14@11:13 pm (UTC)
*stares at japan money* far out, so tempting... but no, not even possible.

i have a feeling the cd will still be released... just not right away.
2009.05.14@11:32 pm (UTC)
maybe if we all pitch in...
2009.05.15@05:05 am (UTC)
LOL A hint regarding Moriuchi's old JE days??? XDDD
2009.05.15@09:07 am (UTC)
...ok, it looks like the auction has been pulled (or did it end and I just missed it?), which is a pity. I've some spare cash at the moment and would've bid seriously. Hopefully some other enterprising radio station employee will try and get another copy out to the masses, ha!
2009.05.18@10:17 pm (UTC)
soo expensive !!!! 277usd...................i wanted...noo it's too expemsive even if i'm a bi big big fan..... :s :s
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