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nyc show 
2014.02.01@12:58 am

First time posting here :)
Just wondering if there's anyone going to the NY show who's willing to make my life a little less lonely. I'm going to the show alone and it would be really cool if I didn't have to stand around in line by myself, also you know a friend always makes a concert better :) Unfortunately I haven't had much luck finding any friends who are also into Japanese music.

If it makes any difference I'm a HUGE Arashi fan.

Anyway, Can't wait!! It's just a bit over a week till the show!! :D
2014.02.03@12:01 am (UTC)
Oh wow that's a lot of you! And they're flying in? They must really like oor! I would totally meet up with you! I hope no one else minds. I have twitter too, I'll follow you. Mine is margaretmarlana
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