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update on alex and band activities & pati pati 2009.05 scans 
2009.05.12@11:57 pm
ryota ][ practical uses for con goods
the official one ok rock site has been updated with new information. my japanese is really rough, so here's a rough summary for the moment. a full translation is in the works. ^^

after the incident with the girl on the train, it was settled out of court and alex was not arrested. he offered to quit the band, and after a long decision, the members accepted his resignation. they're currently in the process of rearranging things and hope to resume activities by the summer.


i had a feeling this was what was going to come of this. hopefully they'll be able to move past it as a group and come out even stronger.

on a somewhat related note, the site did get updated with upcoming magazines before it got pulled. so far, just about every magazine that was on the list (and there were a lot) managed to get the one ok rock article pulled before it went to press. pati pati did not. so, if anyone wants to see the article for the single that wasn't, here you go.

pati pati 2009.05

[edit] translation done, thank you mynthence :)

Concerning the future activities of ONE OK ROCK

Thank you for continuously supporting ONE OK ROCK. Firstly, we would like to apologize for the concern that we caused you all as well as our delay in reporting to you.

Concerning the incident involving Alex at this time, a portion of the information has been released via the media, but several days ago the verdict ended as a non-prosecution. We apologize once again for causing trouble and anxiety among all of the fans who have been supporting us up until now.

Having received this resolution, the staff members have continued to discuss matters in the past few weeks. From Alex himself there was a request to depart from ONE OK ROCK as a result of reflecting deeply on his responsibilities as a band member and from a feeling of apology for the victim.

The remaining members struggled to accept this decision, but in the end, they resolved to continue the band with the four of them. The conclusion was that the only thing that they could do from themselves was to continue to pass on their music to all of the fans.

As a result of a conference with all parties involved, we have decided to continue on in the preparations that are necessary for resuming activities this summer. Once the date for resuming activities has been decided upon, we will make a formal announcement.

We ask that you continue to support us throughout this time.


Comments from the members

Firstly I’d like to apologize to all of the people who are worried for us we for delaying the release of our direct comments to the website.

To be honest, there are still so many things that haven’t been sorted out yet and even now I still feel as if I can’t quite believe everything that is happening. We cried a lot, despaired a lot and betrayed a lot. I feel quite disgusted at myself for all of this and even though I know that I need to face forward, no matter how much I laugh, right now I’m at the point where my true feelings are one of wondering “Was it really this hard to face forward?” This past month we members have talked together as much as was possible, foundered about with the conclusions that we came up with and in turn, supported one another.

The one thing that all of us members had in mind from the very beginning was that “We cannot allow this band to break apart!”. This band has everything that we are wrapped up into it and is the only purely precious thing that we have! We have now because, we love music and no matter what happened we overcame it with music, worked at it with everything that we had, made companions that could help each other out and eventually through many people we were able to support one another. But for now, there’s really too many things that we need to give back to everyone and for a stupid person like me who can’t even study properly, the only way that I can give any of that back is through music. Right now I think that no matter what the situation becomes like, this is the the only thing that won’t change.

From now on, we 4 will be combining our power together to, more than before, give these things back to you all one by one so please continue to support us just as you have up until now as we move on full throttle!!

We’re really in your hands!


I deeply regret that with the incident that occurred, we have betrayed the expectations of all the people who were anticipating our upcoming live shows and releases.
I think that I would like to strive forward with new feelings as a new ONE OK ROCK.
Please wait for us a bit more until this summer!!


Sorry, everyone, for making your worry.
I had problems thinking of how I should express what I want to say in words but…
We’ll start back from square one and work hard so please wait for us!


Sorry everyone for making you wait so long.
It’s hard for me to express my current feelings in written words so I would like to send those feelings to everyone through our live shows as soon as possible!
I really want to meet with everyone soon and also want to play in the live so please wait a bit longer!
Thank you everyone!

2009.05.13@07:16 am (UTC)
i am just grateful the whole band didn't split. but still angry at japan. ugh

toru's hair is short again, yipeee!! <3

thanks ^^
2009.05.13@07:27 am (UTC)
yeah. i know so many people were all 'if this happened [insert other country here] no one would care' but the thing is, it did happen in japan and there's no way to get around that. :( it's pretty much what i expected, and i have to say, this will be the best resolution for them to continue. as much as i'll miss them being five.

...leave it to you to comment on their hair XDD
2009.05.13@07:40 am (UTC)
yeah, i know that T__T

I ALWAYS COMMENT ON NECESSARY THINGS! XDDD well i mean, they're not jumping around like spastics in teh photos, so what is there to comment on? i can't read the artical so.. XD

i can add something else though... TAKA STILL REMINDS ME OF TOMO OMG... hahahaha XD
2009.05.13@07:22 am (UTC)
it is just so sad. :(
i wish them good luck..i hope 1 day alex could come back.
2009.05.13@07:30 am (UTC)
i wish them the best of luck, too. :)
2009.05.13@08:53 am (UTC)
same here, i hope somehow he reappears lol. i wonder who will be the replacement *sigh*
2009.05.18@07:55 pm (UTC)
i agree
2009.05.13@08:00 am (UTC)
..Well shit. Glad they didn't split, though.
2009.05.13@08:13 am (UTC)
Alex out of the band...
it's sad... but I'm glad they don't give up everything for this. I'm glad they're going to continue, re-start the band. I wish them all the best!
2009.05.13@08:51 am (UTC)
aww im so sad right now,
i didnt want this happen
but if it was end the group
or stay without alex, i guess i can deal
but he was a fave of mine.
what a bummer!
2009.05.13@08:53 am (UTC)
I am sad Alex has to leave! As stupid as what he did while drunk, having to leave the band because of that is really... I mean most bands usually end up fighting with each other as the reason for leaving. Despite that, as long as the four continue on forward, I will support these boys. Thankful they didn't disband.

Why do I feel this incident will totally inspire Taka into writing more songs for their comeback - something along the lines of "Keep it real"?
2009.05.13@09:02 am (UTC)
why are they all apologising... it's not their fault T___T

say thanks for translating for us! <3
2009.05.13@09:50 am (UTC)
its pretty sad, but i'm just glad they didn't split up all together.
2009.05.13@10:34 am (UTC)
Thanks for the info

This sucks
But at least the band didn't split...

No more Alex? Feels weird
2009.05.13@10:50 am (UTC)
I think leaving the band is the most common resort in Japan. It really sucks that each member have been through tough times and now another "incident" occurred.
2009.05.13@11:33 am (UTC)
Ugh... I thought this would happen, but in the end, I guess it's for the best. I really still feel worst for Taka. He's so sensitive and emotional, I knew he'd find a way to blame himself... and lo and behold, there it is... I really hope they'll be able to carry on normally after this.
2009.05.13@06:07 pm (UTC)
i just have to say, when i saw your display name on the notification in my inbox i nearly spewed dr pepper all over my keyboard. XD

but anyways. taka. yeah. i have the feeling we'll be getting a lot of new songs written from those feelings.
2009.05.13@11:49 am (UTC)
I'm sad that Alex left the group. Sighh... But at least the band is still together. I hope that the rest of the members will stay strong for themselves and the fans! :) Thanks for updating ♥
2009.05.13@11:53 am (UTC)
it's sad that Alex had to leave Q_Q
but it's good that the whole band didn't split
let's hope after that everything will be alright and maybe one day...one day Alex will come back ^-^

thank you very much for this!!!
2009.05.13@02:22 pm (UTC)
u.u this is sooo mean... *sigh* I wish they would not break apart... maaaah... so mean... I mean even with a replacement, there never will be THE ALEX again... mah, I also liked his songs sooo much u.u
*sigh* I'm so sad... and the fact, that he will not able to join in a while again is horrible. maaaah u.u
2009.05.13@04:22 pm (UTC)
wow, really this whole affair would look so mild over here, but well, it's Japan so there's no helping it.

I'm glad the band is moving forward, and I am anticipating their new work, see how/if Alex departure will affect ONE OK ROCK's sound.

I hope they continue making great music, and my best to Alex. Maybe in a couple years he could make a comeback into the music world.
2009.05.13@06:30 pm (UTC)
considering he's the one that likes the harder rock sound... 'break my strings' was composed by him and taka. he also composed the instrumental on beam of light. hopefully this won't mean they get lighter. i like my rock music with a singer i like. >>

it'll be interesting to see~
2009.05.13@07:15 pm (UTC)
You're right, and I too hope they don't go too light after Alex's departure, I really like their harder stuff, and 'break my strings' is one of my favorite songs from Kanjou Effect, and ONE OK ROCK in general. I guess we'll have to wait and see *sigh*
2009.05.14@02:13 am (UTC)
like some of the OOR members, i cant really express exactly how i feel.......
im so sad, but it's beyond sad. :( feels like there's gonna be a void there somewhat---at least for a little while.
im just relieved they didnt break up, though.
2009.05.14@02:16 am (UTC)
I'm feel so sad..........What's really happened with this girl!!! it's really bad for alex left the band!
Oh My GOd WTF!!!.....i feeel really sorry when i read each member's comment.....Taka is really pain......
I hope Alex come back quickly.....i always support OOR but....One Ok Rock for me is 5 talentued boys with different kind of music and make so stylish songs..........Alex is very important members, he composed some songs......
.sooo i don't found my words to say how i'm sad for them :(
2009.05.14@05:33 am (UTC)
*emos*. Honestly, I almost didn't finish the translation once I started in on Taka's post :(

At any rate...I know the sound of the band will change and I can only hope that it's for the better. It was Taka's voice and Alex's guitar that first drew me to the band when konzatsu first introduced me to them and now half of what I liked so much about the group is gone...
2009.05.14@06:52 am (UTC)
i totally agree. Now that Alex is leaving i feel like there will always be something missing because the sound of the band won't be the same. Alex's guitar also drew me to the band and its going to be a huge loss for the band and fans alike
2009.05.14@06:48 am (UTC)
I'm glad that the band isn't completely breaking up. However, given that im an huge Alex fan, i'm disappointed too. He's a great guitarist and i think its a huge loss for the band. What first caught my attention about ONE OK ROCK was Alex's guitar riffs and i doubt i would have become such a huge fan of the band if it wasn't for him.

Whoever they find as a replacement for Alex, will have very big shoes to fill. I doubt anyone will compare.

I'll always support the band but it definitely won't be the same.
2009.05.17@07:41 am (UTC)
...I should've expected this but. D:
2009.05.18@07:36 pm (UTC)
noooo ToT
they're such a great band why let this thing get in the way.. ToT!! who cares!! argh
2009.05.20@01:48 am (UTC)
Sigh..I hate the Japanese Industry...what Alex did was a definite mistake but can't u forgive him for misconduct...

At least the whole band didn't break up...but they're so new..everyone makes mistakes :(

so unhappy right now....
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